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Graphics | Interactive | Art 


Within my talents there is my appreciation for 

beauty and art in all things.

I'm a freelancer graphic designer specialize on: 

* Business Graphic Mark

* Company Brand

* Website Development - English / Spanish / Italian


My Portfolio

Arte Natura - Handcrafted Soap


Handcrafted Soap store in Puebla, Mexico that portraits with elegant style their brand  in a very fresh and natural way.

DANTE Machine & Service LLC

English - Italian

Completely design of Corporate Brand

this company has reach a complete success on its area of Machinery and Service for Foundries and Manufactory companies in the US and Europe.

This website has it's own personalized Domaine connected to Office365 with personalized Emails and Microsoft Office tools. 

Melissa Roldan Q.  Professional CV


As a Professional Database Specialist 

is important to have a solid customized page that can provide an experience and talks about who I'm as a person and all my professional experience.  This will provide a trusting relationship from the start with my clients and employers. 

Travel throughout the Designs in different Experiences

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